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RESTLESS: emotional state caused by apprehension, uncertainty.

Inquietud: falta de quietud, desasosiego from Latin inquietudo “agitation, lack of calm, restlessness”.

Restless = in constant movement, hyperactive.

In this solo show, acrobat Edward Aleman takes us on a journey through memories to his childhood village in Colombia. He tells his story as much through movement as through words, mirroring the show’s title, Inquiétude (Restess).

The only set piece is a rocking chair – familiar household object of Colombian homes – upon which Aleman plays with sensitivity and delicacy, standing upright on it, twisting around it, constantly seeking his point of equilibrium.

An artist in perpetual motion, with a boundless store of energy, Edward Aleman’s journey to his roots gives him the strength to understand himself, to struggle and to live!


Premiere: 2015

Audience: 7 years + for public performances / 10 years + for schools performances

Running time: 45 minutes



Directed by Edward Aleman

Associate director: Sophie Colleu

Author and Dramaturge: Ronan Chéneau


Edward Aleman

Intervenant acrobatique (BAM company) : William Thomas

Technical team

Production Stage Management and sound operator: Laurent Lecoq

Sound design: Lola Etieve (with the collabration of Butch Mckoy and Grégory Adoir)

Thanks to Marie Clothilde Chéry for the sound clips

Light design: Stéphane Aubert

Light operator: Sophie Colleu

​Rocking chair built by: Sude Side


Touring company

1 performer + 2 crew + 1 Tour Manager

Executive production

Executive production: Fanny Fauvel

Tour management:  Mathilde Leclercq

Tour Administrator: Christine de Cintré


Photo credits: Anthonin Mélaine



An El Nucleo Company's production


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